Criminal Defense

Criminal offenses can range from a simple petty offense and misdemeanor to serious felony offenses.  Our firm handles all types of criminal defense matters, in addition to defending DUI cases and traffic offenses throughout Lake County and Cook County

We provide quality representation and guidance throughout the entire criminal process from the arrest, bond hearing, pre-trial motions, witness preparation, trial preparation and, if necessary, probation violations and expungment (i.e. removing your criminal record).

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Waukegan, IL.

In handling a criminal charge, after thoroughly discussing the matter with our client, we carefully review the police reports and any other documentation about your case.  If we discover a Fourth Amendment violation regarding the manner in which the police search or arrested you we file a Pre-Trial Motion to Quash Evidence.  If we are successful and the motion is granted, the evidence against you may not be able to be used by the Prosecution and he may be severely limited in the amount of evidence they can present and may lead to a dismissal of all charges. 

If the arrest was made properly, the State still has the burden of proving the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Experienced Waukegan Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys

If the prosecutor’s evidence is weak, we will recommend a trial.  If we do not believe that there is a good chance of success at a trial, we will negotiate the very best result by a plea of guilty with the goal of obtaining the lightest sentence possible or having the charges reduced to a less serious offense. 

Because every case is unique, the decision have a trial or negotiate a plea of guilty must be made with a great deal of care only after having thoroughly reviewed all aspects of the case.  We will carefully consult with you at every stage before making a final decision.


* Drug Offenses * Assault-Battery * Reckless Conduct
* Burglary-Robbery * Damage to Property * Deceptive Practices
* Theft-Fraud * Domestic Battery * Trespass to Land or Building
* Weapons Offenses * Violating Order of Protection * Forgery
* Juvenile Offenses * Financial Crimes * Obstructing Justice
* Sex Offenses * Record Expungement * Shooting Offenses
* Bail & Bond Hearings * Internet Crimes * Armed Violence-Home Invasion
* Probation Violations * Resisting-Obstructing * All Misdemeanors & Felonies

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