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Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a serious offense in Illinois that can have severe consequences, including the loss of one’s driving privileges and even jail time.  That’s why the attorneys at the Law Office of Winer & Winer are committed to providing you the highest-quality DUI defense possible.

We are known for our superior DUI practice.  That is why so many of our clients give us glowing testimonials:

“David Winer won a tough 2 day jury trial for me.  I was arrested and charged with a DUI.  The video was very incriminating.  Some close friends thought I would lose the case if it went to trial.  The stakes were high since I had two prior arrests.

At the trial David impressed the jury explaining the proper way for the police to perform a field sbriety test. He showed the mistakes the police made.  David pointed out my performanace during the tests and also gave reasons for my bad performance.

David explained how a trial works to my two witnesses and myself so we cwould not get tripped up by the prosecutor.  We also backed up David’s defense without testimony.

The jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict in record time. I can’t say enough about the professional manner this case was handled by David Winer.” – Satisfied Client

DUI is a very serious criminal matter and we have a long track record of successfully defending our clients.  Therefore, we created a dedicated Illinois DUI Attorney Information Center with much more information. 

As experienced criminal defense attorneys and members of the Traffic Committees of the Lake County Bar Association and Illinois Bar Association, we have the experience and knowledge you need to defend you on your DUI charge

In fact, we have over 80 years of combined legal experience defending individuals against DUI and other traffic-related violations.  With our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of both Waukegan DUI and Waukegan traffic law violations you will be confident that you will get the best defense by the Law Office of Winer & Winer.

Experienced Waukegan DUI Lawyers

Illinois has some of the most stringent DUI laws in the country.  And being arrested for DUI can not only be traumatic and embarrassing, but can have serious real-life consequences.  A DUI offense carries not only severe criminal penalties, including the possibility of jail time, but also the suspension and possible revocation of your driving privileges

A DUI can also threaten your financial well-being as a result of fines, court costs, required alcohol treatment, and breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) costs and increased car insurance premiums.

Illinois DUI law has become increasingly complex and fraught with danger for the inexperienced attorney.  Therefore, for the person arrested for DUI the choice of an experienced Lake County DUI Defense attorney is an important one. 

Choose the wrong attorney can have serious consequences for your freedom, your ability to drive a car and your financial well-being.  If your DUI case is not properly handled you could pay the price for years to come.

Defending Against a DUI Charge

The law in Illinois governing driving while under the influence is extremely complex. But generally speaking a charge of driving while under the influence is comprised of two separate aspects: 

(1) The Summary Suspension of your license, the length of which is based on whether blew over the legal limit of .08 or refused the breath test and,

(2) The criminal charge for DUI which can result in jail, fines and the revocation of driving privileges and other consequences.

Motions for discovery, subpoenas, pre-trial motions, and requests for driving relief need to be prepared, filed and presented properly before the court.  We can also challenge the Summary Suspension of your driving privileges by filing a Petition of Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension.  We will challenge every aspect of the case against you including whether:

  • There was legal basis for the police to stop your vehicle
  • The police had probable cause to arrest you for DUI
  • The  field sobriety tests were they administered properly
  • Your right to refuse testing was made known to you
  • The breath, blood or urine test was administered properly
  • Your rights were violated during the arrest process
  • All legal procedures were properly followed

At the Law Offices of Winer & Winer, we will defend you every step of the way so that the legal consequences of your arrest and the effect on your life are minimized. 

Give the Law Office of Winer & Winer a call so we can begin defending you.

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